Rifle & Pistol Hours

Monday & Tuesday:                        Closed

Wednesday – Friday:                     9am – 6:00pm
* Last cease-fire is at 5:30pm every night. Pro Shop Closes at 5:15pm

Saturday – Sunday:                        8:00am – 7:00pm
* Last cease-fire is at 6:30 every night. Pro Shop Closes at 6:15pm.

Rifle & Pistol Pricing

$20.00 per person for all day usage (1 person / 1 gun)
$5.00- each additional gun

Range fee is good for the day.
Additional Paper targets: $1.00 & up
Steel targets additional $10.00 (per person)

*Tax not included

Rifle & Pistol Membership

Individual: $400.00
Includes: No Range Fees and Unlimited Guns

Family: $500.00
Includes: 2 Household Family Members
Add up to 2 additional Family Members $100 each
Limit 4 Guests per Month $9.24 each

All Range Combo (All 3 Ranges)
Individual: $499.00
Family: $599.00

Clays Combo (Sporting Clays & Trap & Skeet)
Individual: $299.00
Family: $399.00

ASC range officers monitor the rifle and pistol firing line. Pistol shooters will stand and shoot at said targets where ground and overhead baffling is present. Rifle shooters will sit and shoot from 50 yards to 300 yards using the same basic criteria. Situations regarding the longer ranges and various shooting positions, i.e. kneeling, prone, or standing will be addressed as need arises by the range officers and range management. Our range safety rules are mandated and printed on our targets as well as posted on the range.

Our intent is to provide the general public with a safe and friendly environment to target practice in adhering to the basic criteria of the intended purpose of the range. TAKE AIM!

* Please note that the long ranges (200 and UP) require that you bring a spotting scope, sandbags and stapler with you.  You must qualify at the 300 Yard range before you can move up to the 400 & 600 Yard Ranges.  Qualification for ranges past 300 yards: On a 300 yard target, shot at 300 yards; we require 5 shots inside the 6″ white bulls-eye and no other shots on the paper. For questions about this please contact our Rifle & Pistol Pro Shop: 281-556-8199 option 1.